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RockRagnarok - Ep. 17.2 Sages Legacy!

RockRagnarok - Ep. 17.2 Sages Legacy
Episode 17.2 Sages Legacy - 50x/50x/50x and 1k/1k/1k - Both 200/70 - [Free2Play] - Instance Mode +Hard +Loot/Drop - VIP for Vote - World Boss - Party Loot System - Pack Guild - Donate item bRO/jRO/kRO/iRO are Quests Here / Event Mining, Fishing Others - Full Pack Newbie - Gepard Shield

RockRagnarok - Ep. 17.2 Sages Legacy Information:
- RagnaRock Ragnarok Online - Top Ragnarok Server - High rate and low rate. Episode 17.2 Sages Legacy BG rAmod Lv 200/70 Donate for Quests All instances kRO All instance jRO All itens kRO All itens jRO. The most up-to-date ragnarok server in the world Stuff and Donate for BG Quests Costumes Dailies Quests Donate Pack Freebies Ragnarok Pack GuildRagnarok Hunting Missions Eden 200 Custom. WORLD BOSS Great WoE and WoE Rewards MvP ranking Reward PvP Ranking Reward week And Others...

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