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Paragon UO Private Server

Connect: uoparagon.dyndns.org Port 2594 Tame paragons, summon more powerful creatures with higher skill, even paragons Become a Paragon Opt-in PvP system, PvP Tournament system, automated staff, custom pet AIs, custom tames, earn store sovereigns by getting achievements or killing champions

Paragon UO Info:
Server Information: Discord: Forums: IP and Port: uoparagon.dyndns.org Port: 2594 Server: Dedicated Server [can upgrade if or when needed] Server Version: Latest UO Patch New Players will get the following items when they join [once per account]: 2x Max Follower Increase Deed [10 Slots max]Systems Caps: Skill Cap Total - 1200 Total Stat Cap - 300 STR INT DEX Cap - 150, 175 enhanced caps PvP - To PvP, you must first opt-in to PvP by using the command [PvPMode in either a Town, House, or Boat that you own or are the co-owner of. You will only be able to PvP against people who have turned PvP mode on. To opt-out of PvP use the command[PvPMode in a Town, House, or Boat that you own or are the co-owner of. While PvP is turned on your name will turn purple and you will gain skills 30 faster as long as you are not in a town, house, or boat and you will have a 2x better chance to get a 120 power scroll when killing champions. Since you have to opt-in to PvP all maps have theFelucca ruleset. Spells: the following spells will change at skill levels 100, 115, and 120. Magery: at 120 you have a chance to summon a paragon that cannot be dispelled. Summon Creature - 0-90 Chance to summon Lizardman and Gazer Larva, 100 Chance to summon a dread spider and giant black widow, 115 chance to summon a drake, 120 chance to summona nightmare and a dragon. Each new summon replaces a weaker creature on the list ie Lizardman and Gazer Larva replaces chicken and rabbit. Blade Spirits - 100 Greater Blade Spirits, 115 Summon Ancient Blade Spirits, 120 chance to summon Legendary Blade Spirits. Energy Vortex - 100 Greater Energy Vortex, 115 Summon Ancient Energy Vortex, 120 chanceto summon Legendary Energy Vortex. Summon Air Elemental - 0-90 Air Elemental, 100 Summon Snow Elemental, 115 Hurricane Elemental, 120 chance to summon a Greater Air Elemental. Summon Daemon - 0-90 Daemon, 100 Djinn, 115 Balron, 120 chance to summon Noxious Balron. Summon Earth Elemental - 0-90 Earth Elemental, 100 Dull Copper Elemental, 115Greater Earth Elemental, 120 chance to summon an Enraged Earth Elemental Summon Fire Elemental - 0-90 Fire Elemental, 100 Lava Elemental, 115 Volcano Elemental, 120 chance to summon a Molten Earth Elemental. Summon Water Elemental - 0-90 Water Elemental, 100 Ice Elemental, 115 Acid Elemental, 120 chance to summon Greater Poison Elemental.Necromancy: Animate Dead - You can now animate 15 dead creatures. Vengeful Spirit - Overall Stats and skills buffed and uses one less control slot. Mysticism: at 120 you have a chance to summon a paragon that cannot be dispelled. Rising Colossus - 0-90 Rising Colossus, 100 Greater Rising Colossus, 115 Ancient Rising Colossus, 120 chance to summona Legendary Rising Colossus. Spellweaving: at 120 you have a chance to summon a paragon that cannot be dispelled. Summon Fey: 0-90 Pixie, 100 Centaur, 115 Wisp, 120 chance to summon a Satyr. Summon Fiend: 0-90 Imp, 100 Elder Gazer, 115 Infernus, 120 Oni. Camping and Outpost System Created by Massapequa on ServUO will allow you to use the campingskill at campfires to make an outpost which will let you, based on skill, make a tent, shrine [resurrection], and stash [bank]. Custom Dungeons: Dungeon Cold [Small] Dungeon Dark [Small] Tamables: A lot of new and old creatures can be tamed such as a Primeval Nightmare [new custom creature] or Elder Gazer [old creature] and many more Paragons:Hires: You can hire any creature that has the [Mercenary] tag. New AI: Hybrid Healer AI - This AI will heal and cure [the spell depends on what skills it has] friendlies when tamed. It will prioritize the owner. It will only heal when told to attack or told to guard. Hybrid Summoner AI - Has a chance to summon creatures when fighting depending onwhat skills it has. For example, if it has magery and necromancy it could summon any creature that a player mage could, depending on its skills, or it may animate a dead body or summon a vengeful spirit. PvP Tournaments - Created by Dexter_Lexia on ServUO Several Arenas located at Haven Island Arena [Tram], Ocllo Arena [Fel], Khaldun Grand Arena[Tram and Fel], Two Capture the Flag Arenas, and One Royal Rumble Capture the Flag Arena [Find more information about this on the forums]. Achievement System: Created by Dexter_Lexia on ServUO You can earn achievements in-game by completing certain objectives such as exploring dungeons, killing monsters, and obtaining gold. Each achievementpoint you obtain gives you 10 Sovereigns to spend in the UO Store. For example, if you get the achievement for exploring Luna you will get 10 achievement points and 100 Sovereigns. Type [MyAchievements to check out what achievements there are and which ones you have earned. Xantos Shrink System: You can shrink any bonded pet with a pet leash andhave it put in your inventory. Power scroll Exchange Box: You can put in two power scrolls of equal power [ie 120 anatomy and 120 tactics] and it will give you a random power scroll of equal power [ie two 120s equals a random 120]. Monster Contracts Unable to find who created this: You can obtain monster contracts from an NPC in Luna which willallow you to get paid for killing monsters. Just double click the contract and click on the body of the monster you have been contracted to kill [it will remove the body so make sure to loot it first]. Max Follower Deed: You can increase your max follower count by one when using this deed to a maximum of 10 slots. Automated Staff Created byTresdni: When you click the help Gump you will summon a GM Bot that can assist you in various ways. If you need to talk to a real person, it will let you email us. The GM Bot will disappear after 15 minutes and can be called once per hour. When summoned it will bring up a GUMP with keywords you can use to communicate with the GM Bot.

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