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Galactic Rebellion!

Galactic Rebellion
Galactic Rebellion is looking for more heroes to join the cause We are a small new server with a dedicated core of people always looking for new blood Come check us out and see for yourself

Galactic Rebellion Information:
Galactic Rebellion A select few SWG players have set up home here at GR. For new players you will have as much help as we can possibly deliver to get your progress started We also have the Jedi system up and running you can check out the forum post to learn on how you can work towards the path of the Force. A problem alot of SWGEmu servers have is that there just isnt enough content to keep someone busy Well, let me tell you that we have fixed that and are continuing to release new content to keep our players happy. Thank you for considering Galactic Rebellion for your SWGEmu server, we hope to see you soon.

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