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Awe Jade Dynasty!

Awe Jade Dynasty
500x Regenesis Server. New quest-lines, customs too many to list. Everyone can obtain same stuff. Weekly PVP Tournies and other GM hosted events. Great community come join today and have an awesome game experience too

Awe Jade Dynasty Information:
AWE Jade Dynasty is similar to many private servers past and present but with many unique differences as well. 500x Mob Rates for easy Leveling, Custom Mobs, Custom Mounts and the likejust like most servers had.We also have premium timed maps for super fast leveling and one for a few minutes iun map with mobs that drop epic level drops. Daily, Weekly, Monthly , yearly and Holiday Events.Earn Coins of awe by posting quest guides in forum, by posting video coverage of instance and so forth and finally max earnings by making video tutorialsEveryone can get the same things whether they donate to the server or they dont, all is possible.Site active and game active equals UBER rewards on AWE JDNo batteries PVP, weekly PVP tournaments, monthly class wars, party pvp events, class wars, territory war, fort, Battle of Supremacy and much more will fill your thirst for PVPThe only batteries that will be in-game will be event possible prize only with 1 min cool-downs which will make them no good for pvpLarge marketplace with low jaden prices. You earn 10,000 free balen per day just by voting 4 times and by being online and thats not counting any eventsUse your acquired coins for access to one of two premium maps we have. We have an experience map that is easy to kill max exp mobs in which you get 30 minutes per coin and a Awesome Drop mapthat you pay 3 coins for 10 minutes in that will give you chance at obtaining very hard to get or rare materials, lottos, packs, mounts and gears.Come join the best community-oriented Jade Dynasty server online today

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