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Seira Patch PvE/PvP based server. EXP/Gold/Drop: x250/x5/x5 Custom Maps/bosses/quests/monsters.

Forsaken-JD Information:
Welcome to Forsaken Jade Dynasty A highly modified and customized Jade Dynasty Server. This server is in Open Beta, with many changes still to come to this already unique experience. We will list just a few of the benefits, customizations, and aspects that make this server unique:- Leveling Area just outside the starting city [Forsaken City]. Reach level 160 Ascended, Tier 5, in under an hour. [Technical experience rate is 250x]- Automatic Tier system, No Quests Required.- Automatic Ascension, No Quests Required for Nirvana.- Automatic Chroma Levels, No Quests Required.- Vote one time for enough Vote Points to obtain +9 Armor, Wings, as well as bank notes.- Almost the entire Marketplace for sale through the Vote Shop. [Gain Jaden while voting, however Marketplace Prices have not been edited as of yet]- Every Conceivable Item required to tier, gear, outfit your character available via in game currency [Forsaken Coins].- Custom Farm Area to farm Forsaken Coins, Wonderland Stones, HDS, Esper Ascension Orbs, and more.- NOTHING in the Donor Shop that cannot be farmed, and farmed quickly. This server has a strong stance against Pay To Win.- Custom Fashion Weapons unique to Forsaken Jade Dynasty - these weapons have in game stats and require farmed items.- All classes up to Seira and Hydran. Fully functional with constant balancing of the classes being undergone.This is but a very short list of the customizations already made. It does not even include the custom bosses, fashion, wings, mounts, and much much more. This server brings true meaning to Free to Play, as one cannot pay any amount of money to turn themselves into Gods amongst Players. Voting and Farming is vastly more important to ones progression than ones ability to spend money.

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