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NEW WEBSITE AND RULESET A Custom shard with a classic feel,Hard skill gain,Focus on survival and community,Everything of use is craftable or harvestable,No skill cap,one character per player,Quests,rares,useful content for all skill levels,Nothing is given, everything is earned

DAWN UO Information:
Here is the skinny:We are a Pre-aos, custom shard with an attempted focus on character development, community, and survival. No skill cap.120 stat cap with a 300 total cap.One ip, one account, one player. If you have multiple players per ip. you will have to contact an admin.Skill gain is hard. We have antimaco codes for all skills except for crafting.Everything of use is craft-able or found on loot/quests. Vendors will not buy or sell here.We have a custom crafting system where material type adds durability and [or] accuracy, and, on the highest tiers, damage/AR. No repair.One murder count will make you a murderer and the decay on the counts are a year. There is a small penalty for death. This and the slow skill gain rate is an attempt to remove the endgame. Every character here will be unique and never really finished.If you are still interested, below are some tips on what do you on your first days here.The first thing you will want to do is get a supply of food. You have to eat and drink or you will start to loose health and stamina and you hunger level also effects your skill gain. You can type [myhunger to view your hunger/thirst levels.You start out with a glass pitcher that can be filled at water barrels/troughs around town. Double-click and target yourself to drink. Target the full barrel or trough if its empty to refill.You will be able to cook fish and ribs [and soon birds] at a fairly good rate with 0 cooking skill. Double click a bladed item and target a creatures corpse to skin it. Fruit trees are all around and can also be picked [double-click] and eaten. There is also a vegetable field in the britain farmland. food is useful especially early on. Different foods will give more endurance than others. Cooked deer meat and wolf meat is very useful for new characters and there always is a demand for hides, feathers, logs, and ingots. Once you have a supply of food then whats next is all up to you. If your an adventurer then explore the graveyard and areas around the city. The creature encounters closest to the city have resources valuable to new characters. If you want to craft, you can find a selection of tools spawning around the city and Taryn keeps a well stocked vendor near the Britain bank. Spell regs are farmed here. The fields west of the city have each type planted as well as flax, vegetables, and wheat. Your success to harvest regs will be based on your magery skill, and cooking for the rest. NPCs around town will train all skills to around 30 for a fee.If you are new to uo or have any questions please use our in game chat system. Talk by typing [c whatever you want to say. Make sure to space after the c. We have a small but great player base that are glad to help out. Welcome to DAWN. I hope you enjoy the game.

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