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Darklight SWG PRE-CU/CU/NGE Hybrid!

Darklight SWG PRE-CU/CU/NGE Hybrid
With a fast paced combat system similar to the CU/NGE Fastest combat system of any emulator Darklight SWG features 35+ classes as well as having Jedi Taking all the good parts from the NGE/CU/PRE-CU and fusing them together 5 active Developers Sign up on the forums Server release May 4, 2015

Darklight SWG PRE-CU/CU/NGE Hybrid Information:
Darklight Star Wars Galaxies NGE/CU/PRE-CU Hybrid Emulator.
This is the first Emulator of its kind ever. This will be the first ever released emulator with a updated combat system. Implementing all the good aspects of NGE/CU/PRE-CU while leaving out the bad. Jedi are available but they are a regular class and just as good as any of the classes. Think Star Wars Rebels type of Jedi. Obviously what sets this server apart from all the rest is the combat system. But Darklight has also implemented all 31 classes so it will very much still be like PRE-CU in all its glory. Taking all the great aspects of the different versions of Star Wars Galaxies and fusing them together. Quote: I honestly believe if Sony had implemented this kind of combat system but kept most of the systems that made PRE-CU great. Star Wars Galaxies would probably still exist today under Sony. :EndQuote This server also boasts one of the largest Development staffs of an emulator. Probably not the largest but one of the largest with 5 active Developers and support staff. The server releases May 4, 2015 make sure to check the forums at for all the latest updates

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