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Classic Conquer Veterans Lots of Legends!

Classic Conquer Veterans Lots of Legends
[Classic Gameplay] [Europe] [Veterans] [Legends] [Old School] [Old Jump] [Classic Interface] [Fun] [Events] [Quests] [Lvl 130] [1 RB] [Mining FTW] [DB Mets FTW] [Spam Upgrade For Sockets] [No Potency] [No CPS] [Old Memories] [New Concept] [Balanced Gameplay] [No OP Payments] [Old Owner Vali]

Classic Conquer Veterans Lots of Legends Information:
We are trying to bring back the Classic Conquer Veterans as TQ failed to do so with all the bad features like lotto and other things. Classic Conquer Veterans is a project started by Vali on 14th May 2010 in order to reproduce the old Conquer Online before 2004 or so, before all the CPs and lottery came out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------- There is not any lotto, db level, shopping mall, +stones or other crap like this. The leveling rates are 3x which are medium and drop rates are also moderate.You can level faster than gaining items and + items are more expensive than sockets just the way it was.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are plenty of people plvling at all times in bird island, advanced zone and phoenix castle waterfall so you will have a boost when you start playing, or you can start leveling and hunting the classic way :]. There are also plenty of new events, quests and hourly events, fun and pvp, balanced gameplay and no OP donations------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have fun and see you in-game :P------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dont forget to invite your friends to have more fun

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