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Annihilus Diablo II Server!

Annihilus Diablo II Server
Annihilus is a next generation private D2 Server, with features no other server will ever have. Player limit in-game increased to 64, Spectator Mode added, Increased Resolution, redesigned Gold system, all Uniques + Sets remade / buffed while keeping the game the Diablo 2 we all know and love

Annihilus Diablo II Server Information:
Server Information: Launch Date: 01/01/2015 6:00 pm EST. Ladder Start: 01/01/2015 6:00 pm EST. Diablo II Version: 1.13dServer Features:- Very similar to a Blizzlike server, aside from several gameplay improvements listed below- Increased Experience Gain.- Difficulty has been slightly increased, making the game more challenging yet rewarding- Uniques and Set items have been buffed / remade to be competitive with Runewords Over 90 have been updated, making Magic Finding exciting again.- Character limit in-game increased to 64, up from 8 Party Screen has been completely remade and improved with new features to support this.- Spectator Mode has been added. You may now click Spectate at the party screen to see a players point of view, no matter where they are.- Several useful features are now built directly into the game, such as Maphack, buff timers, and more stats listed on the stat screen.- Gold is now a main currency, it is not obtainable by normal means and can be used to buy useful items at the new vendor found in Rogue Encampment.- Color Dyes for items, an item to remove something from a socket without destroying it, and Token of Absolution are a few things found at the Gold Vendor- Many convenient features, such as increased stash size and moreWe offer several features that have never been possible until now, and you will never find them on another diablo 2 private server. This is unlike any Diablo II you have played before, while keeping it the same game you know and love. We are fully dedicated to making this the best Diablo II server to play on by far, and we will focus building it around the most important part, the community. We have a very powerful server and it should be enjoyable around the world. You will not regret your choice to play here, be sure to bring your friends and experience the new and improved Diablo II all over again together

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