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WoW Freakz Shadowlands Private Server

SHADOWLANDS 9.1.5 - Thousands of players online - Fresh 9.0 Content : All mythic+ dungeons and Castle Nathria scripted blizzlike - All SL storylines scripted - Quality of Life features added

WoW Freakz Shadowlands Info:
- All content languages: Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese French, German, Chinese, Korean General Information We released Shadowlands directly on Patch 9.1.5 with content lock, meaning you can experience progressive content, starting with 9.0 season. See here our development plan for future content updates. Gold - 1x Reputation - 1xCurrencies - 1x Items - 1x XP in pre-Shadowlands Zones - 1.5x XP in Shadowlands Zones - 1.5x Content currently locked to: Season 1 Shadowlands Quality of Life Stygia Catch-up for off-chars Soul Ash server cap Maw intro skip option Mounts usable earlier in The Maw Ghost form flight while dead in Shadowlands Rated PvP Solo Queue Vendor for CastleNathria conduits Dungeon teleports Guaranteed BoE 190 ilvl item on completing all Mythic dungeons Conduit Energy removed Easy Covenant swap Runecarving mats recycling Unlocked Legion Allied Races Server Features Instant taxi flight paths in pre-BFA Zones Auto-discovered flight paths in pre-BFA Zones Gearing up from Elites / Chests in pre-SL ZonesAccount-wide Titles and Mounts Cross Faction in PvE / PvP instances Ticket System Anti-Cheat System Player Commands Migration System Database Finder Unstuck Statistics Vote Shop WoW Shop PvP Ladder PvE Ladder Armory Addons List Discord Support Channel Bug Tracker Occasional Weekly Buffs Interactive Events Epic Custom Events PvP Tournaments PvECompetitions SHADOWLANDS: GENERAL MECHANICS: Latest 9.1.5 Class Changes Legendary Item Crafting New Character Customization Levels, Items and Stats Adjusted New Level Cap: 60 Exiles Reach Eight New Dungeons Five New Zones Weekly Bonus Events Bonus Objectives World Quests Covenant Callings Castle Nathria Raid Torghast, Tower of the DamnedCovenants and Covenant Campaigns Covenant Class and Signature Abilities Renown 40 Soulbinds Conduits Achievements Professions PvP Vendors Mythic+ Affixes, Scaling, Weekly Chest Bonus Roll Personal Loot War Mode Threads of Fate Arena Replay PvP Scaling Honor system Conquest system PvP vendor Skirmish Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds Raid and DungeonFinder Premade Groups Vignettes Flying in Shadowlands Shards of Domination ZONES: Oribos, The Eternal City Bastion Maldraxxus Ardenweald Revendreth The Maw Korthia, City of Secrets QUESTS: Maw Intro Bastion Storyline Maldraxxus Storyline Ardenweald Storyline Revendreth Storyline Covenant Campaigns REPUTATIONS: The Ascended The Avowed Court ofHarvesters The Undying Army The Wild Hunt Court of Night Paragon Reputations Venari RAIDS: Shadowlands World Bosses Castle Nathria Sanctum of Domination DUNGEONS: The Necrotic Wake Plaguefall Mists of Tirna Scithe Halls of Atonement Theater of Pain De Other Side Spires of Ascension Sanguine Depths Tazavesh, the Veiled Market SPECIAL SCENARIOS:Torghast, Tower of the Damned Mage Tower BATTLEGROUNDS: Warsong Gulch Arathi Basin Eye of the Storm Twin Peaks Battle for Gilneas Temple of Kotmogu Silvershard Mines Deepwind Gorge Seething Shore Alterac Valley Isle of Conquest Battle for Wintergrasp Ashran ARENAS: Ring of Trials Circle of Blood Arena Ruins of Lordaeron Dalaran Arena TolVironArena Tigers Peak Ashamanes Fall Black Rook Hold Arena Hook Point The Mugambala The Robodrome Empyrean Domain BRAWLS: Arathi Blizzard Classic Ashran Cooking Impossible Deep Six Deepwind Dunk Gravity Lapse Packed House Shado-Pan Showdown Tarren Mill vs. Southshore Temple of Hotmogu Warsong Scramble OTHERS: Black Market Void StorageTransmogrification AoE Looting RPPM system Darkmoon Faire World scaling Mount equipment Auction House revamp

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