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Immortal Day - Vampire Games Private Server

Who said vampires do not attack during the day When you play Immortal Day, you will find out once and for all what it is like to take on a game full of all sorts of creatures Sign up now for an action packed game

Immortal Day - Vampire Games Info:
Immortal Day is a fast paced MMORPG that takes you into another world full of Vampire, Werewolves, Hunters, Hybrids and Zombie Hybrids. This PVP fighting game allows you to immerse yourself in this secret world and create a life for yourself amidst these creatures of legends. Whether you are out on the Prowl or stalking the City Grid to Feed or Convert Humans realizing your characters potential can take many paths. Merchants deal in blood, venom, gems and gold while Warriors band together in Houses to war and declare their dominance over others. Players can make their characters strong by training, leveling and taking schooling courses to further their stats, earning achievements for their milestones along the way. Immortal Day caters to hardcore and casual gamers alike allowing the player to choose their levels of participation. People from all over the globe can enjoy a wide variety of playing styles from the battle to be number one to the more social gamer involved in role play and forum activities. Both types of gamers are encased in a world beautifully crafted by character graphics, custom item icons, graphic tutorials and an expertly designed user interface. With both a desktop design and mobile application, gamers are free to choose the platform that allows them the access they need for a comfortable and convenient gaming experience at any time. An extensive list of Account Upgrade opportunities, including specialized armors, gives players the opportunity to enhance their game play in a variety of ways, however Immortal Day is always free to play. Casino games and other pvp games such as the multiplayer Battle Royales and Russian Roulette Tournaments players are never at a want for things to keep them entertained while they diligently work on their Stats, mine for Gems to offer the Ancients, consult the Tarot, Feed and embark on Soul Karma Point quests. There is plenty to do here and lots of fun to be had. Stop by and join in on the fun Signup and Play Now

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