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aaaaaaaaaaa cffgfg Info:
Welcome to Renaissance Rohan server:
Experience: 40x
Forging: 60x
Recycle: 100x
Player Max Level - 130
-Trinity class available.
-Hero level III skills available.
-TSB every 12h for reward Boxes
-Leveling rewards
-New skills for all classes so that they are all viable in PVP
New recepies for the recycle system.
New armor tier [Onyx] that can be forged from parts. [as well as more low tier armor sets]
New redesigned Elemental Temple with unlimited entrances per day.
60FPS unlocked client
100 secure antihack sistem.
Powerfull dedicated server: 8 cores, 16GB ram, 1Gbit/sec bandwidth
DDoS protection

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