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SPHERESERVER Fully custom, fresh PvP shard. High skill/stat caps, tons of new fully unique systems.Always up

Uberon Information:
PK shard Level System High skill/stat cap Custom items/rides New craftables Inspired by Alternate-PKWe offer our players the following features:Starting stats - 100 str, 100 dex, 100 intUnique level system - exp gain from several skills and combat, bonus stat/skill points at level upUnique sacrifice system - sacrifice corpses for reward tokens and spend these tokens on items or experienceCustom housing system - simple, yet effective housing system, with uid chestsChat system - in game chat systemHigh skill caps - each skill is limited to 400.0, total skill cap is 25000Training area - rooms with training dummies can be rented to macroCustom items - numerous new weapons, armors, clothes, stat tomes, dye tubs...Custom rides - new rides including wolfs, drakes, kirins... and ethysMining - new ores, craftable armors/weaponsFishing system - custom fishing system, including stat/skill fishLumberjacking - new logs, craftable bow/furniture

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