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RF-Offline Private Server


RF-Offline Info:
SERVER RATES: Max Level: 55 Experience: x10000 PT/Skill points are GM Animus: x1500 Drop rate: x5 Loot price: x10 Loot speed: x2 Cash Shop in the game. Items are for free: 1. Potions: Burst, Protect, Smart, Cure, Stealth, Hissy, Bust Quickskill, BuildUp Protect, Bust Critical, BuildUp , Critical, Composed, Burst, Protect, Quickskill,Teleport, Summon, BlessHP 2. Pitbosses Scrolls 3. All types of Ammos 4. Amulets and rings 5. Socket extenders for ELIGIBLE weapons and armors 6. Set of Gems [T5 gems] 7. Jades 8. Generators and Charms. DP Shop on the WEB. Items are for free: 1. HDH MK2 elementals 2. Relic, leons, pvp weapons, boosters with ability, combiners for cape, pvparmor 55 lvl Rewards 1. Hora Dark Hole Reward: 5-7 grace, mercy, dark talics upgraders for MK2 armor B and C grade 2. The first daily quest rewards are: 5-7 favor talics upgrader for mk2 armor and 5-6 keen talics upgrader for relics and leons 55 lvl B and C grade 3. The second daily quest rewards is Jov for 6 hrs.Miscellaneous: 1.Ore Drops: Ore +1/+2/+3 - any kind of talic and T6 gems [little bit better then T5 gems], Halostone pieces 2. Bulky lunkers located in SETTE desert May drop any kind of talic and T3 gems 3. Draco located in ELAN and BEAST MOUNTAIN drop any kind of talic and TALIC CRYSTALS 4. SpelLazhuardian and LazhuardianWarrior got more def and attack power, butu can get +1+2+3 ore from them.5. HQ and Colonies PitBoss elems, T4 gems, inventers accessories box, type C olive and purple excelsiors, type A amp B yellow, white, black excelsiors 6. Elan, Ether, BioLab PitBoss May drop Boxes with armor, Shields, DDD elems 7. Draco at Beasts Mountains and Blood Axe at Outcast Land perfect elems. 8. Allplayers can see Chip HP during CW. No crookedly made weapons and armors. ALL races and classes are balanced. All items in the game can be acquired through farm, NPC or Cash Shop.

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