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Immortality JD -Newest Working Patch Private Server

400x/10x/10x Fully working Battle of Supremacy patch. Eldea Gauntlet, all other instances customized. Hundreds of customs. No batts, no set refine cap, everyone can earn same items. No censors. If want to PLAY JD come join us instead of clicking 3x then being bored

Immortality JD -Newest Working Patch Info:
Immortality Games is the newest Jade Dynasty Game server online but will be the last to go. We keep the rates and the like within normal so the game is fun as should beWe have 4 developers with over 30 Years experience in gaming and coding.We have a Custom Points system being finalized right now that allows everyone to obtain everything by or including someof the following ways Posting usefull 300 word minimum quest guides Sharing a Download link with peers that once scanned and approved by Moderators posters gets reward. For posting 600 to 1500 word unique articles relating the the gaming field and they will be run trrough CopyScape to ensure not plagiarized. Winning in game Events Taking and holding for for min of 2 weeksFor publshing usefull FAQ on the game. For helpping new people to the game on how to play you will not get a title and you will be ignored if you draw attention to yourself by a GM Making Custom Vdeo Clips and posting them by quality quality will incude length, picture quality, voice over or choice of music for sound over Videos who get Featured for the month will win much larger prizes By having one of your patch suggestions implemeneted For making Staff ware of anyone who is exploitinng, chesting, or diresepecting Staff with photo to prove For participation in Surverys that will periodically popup on the website For winning quizes and tests that you will be periodocally invited to participate in For doing custom Graphics work for the website that gets used forClient Branding For referrring friends t0 come play Immortality JD a system to prevent fraud will be in place For Winning Clan Glory and for Completing in Game Challenges For submitting photo to the gallery that recieve morethen 10 unique Likes Per click from advertising banners we make available to you For writing quality articles, PDFS, etc under direct assignment. More to come after get going but you will definitely be able to get donation items even without a paycheck

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