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Test Private Server

Dont have any discription.a

Test Info:
New Conquer private server named Projectx Pvp. By its name its a PvP server [player vs player], which will bring lots of fun while playing it.Always updating, new stuff added and staff members wanted.Max level its 160 at 4th reborn and 165 at 5th rb for now, that might be changed.From +9 u can upgrade the items up to +50 with the PvP points that u gain in the tournaments.VIPManager is the NPC that lets you claim the donation points or some points gained by voting or helping the server. Is located in Twin CityThe Noob NPC gives you level 130/3rd reborn and 400 in every stats and +9 items for the start.. from there u start your journey to become the best.There are lots of Tournaments like: DeathMatch, Football, KillTheTerrorist, TeamDeathMatch SpaceInvasion and more others.A new hunt map added for those who are afraid to pvp so they can still get some pvp points.Every player has some commands that are listed on the site.Vip players have some added commands.Every donation gained will go into a good host for the server to improve it and the siteInvite all your friends and dont forget to voteHave Fun

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