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Forbidden Art of Kungfu Private Server

24/7 dedicated WoKF server, Level cap 180, Good scaling Exp rate for smooth grind, all maps, new interface, Gold as a drop and in collecting, SMKF system [no 1 second cd], new mobs, items and more custom anti-cheat, DDoS Protection, friendly staff - Most customized WoKF server ever - Join us

Forbidden Art of Kungfu Info:
Level cap 180 in the most customized World of Kung Fu server ever madeDaily Dungeon Quests scale all the way up to level 180 with new and higher rewards with the newly converted Lihun Gully and Fate Dungeon instances for levels 150 - 160 and 170 - 180 respectivelyAll of the Daily Town Crier events in liuhe[Except King of Kung Fu] now start at level 60 and scale all the way up to level 180 with new mobs to kill, new and better rewards of coin, exp and unique item rewardsLongtown Hill and Desert maps openGold available in game through collecting and as a world loot Yes you can make item mall gold simply by grindingPer drop customized drop rate allowing increased loot rate without Loot pet LagPer mob custom Exp rate to break the unbalance of set XX times ratesCustom Tier based craft table requiring actual work and farming to get the best stuffForging Voucher 21 as a super rare drop of select bosses that will allow the Admin to raise your +20 gear piece to +21 featuring increased stats and a nice shiny white glow Will you be the first to get oneNew Level 150 divine Armor and Weapon sets to make you more powerful than ever But can you gather the required materials It wont be easyTier 4 and Tier 5 Specialty gear[formerly known as class gear] for level 144 and 172Customized new look interfaceSpecial VIP tokens and store specially for donators designed to give benefits for aiding the server without making the game Pay to WinA new Arch Reputation gained only from Archeology quests used with special npc vendors to exchange for items not found in normal coin vendorsMaster titles,such as Master of Broadsword are available for PvP reputation in Taoyuan but PvP Reputation is no longer gained from instances, it is now gained only through the Heros Belief quest, the twice weekly King of Kungfu event mobs, Special PvP rep Bosses and you guessed it... Actual PvP so those titles now have to be earned to be gained As it should beNew skill system for hidden weapons and poison Hidden Weapons and Poisons now require a certain level of a related passive skill in order to use them, the books for these skill can be bought from a special vendor in Liuhe in exchange for PvP reputation, meaning if you want to be good at PvPing with hidden weapons and poison, you gotta be good without them firstNew unique world loot Chi Fragment usable for combining and to exchange for rare/useful rewards at a certain NPCForbidden Art of Kungfu has all these features and many more Want to know what more Then join us in game and find out

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