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Swordsman Online Games Private Server

Best Swordsman Private. Lone Wanderer Expansion High rate x12 PvE / PvP Custom NPCs - Falconer, Lolis, Fashions, Mounts and Custom Loot - 100x Bamboo Anytime lot of updates. Working Vote System

Swordsman Online Games Info:
Swordsman is based upon the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer [Xiao Ao Jiang Hu] by Louis Cha, the best-selling Chinese writer alive. Hes famed for his wuxia novels, with 100 million copies of his works sold worldwide. As part of the wuxia genre of Chinese martial arts and chivalry, in Swordsman, the player takes the role of a wandering hero and experiences the heros rise to glory amongst one of ten schools of martial arts, the quest to avenge the heros destroyed village, and the opportunity to adventure with great heroes around the world.School Of Martial Arts is the most advanced Swordsman server with many features that others doesnt have.

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