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VirtualJD Private Server

+20 refine cap , high rates ,free jadens by vote and by staying online.New content and a bit of customs added. Manny events.Helpfull GMs and sweet community.No op donations.Things u never imagined are in cs.Dedicated Server 24/7 no lag.Working TW ,bgs,fort.Gifts upon registering.

VirtualJD Info:
When updating your site details for the first time you will receive 7 days free gold membership.There039s a minimum and a maximum letters you can type in, 400 letters is minimum and 15 000 is maximum.By typing a long text you will drastically inscrease the number of visitors from our top list..Note that changes might take up to 5 minutes before it gets updated in your site details..How to type your website details:This can feel like a waste of time but it truely isnt, by typing a text about your website/server the search engines will eventually index your websites site detail page. This will bring you quite alot of more visitors to your webpage.Its however important that the content is unique this means that you can not copy a text from another webpage on the internet or else your site detail page will be ignored by the search engines.This is called duplicate content in SEO (search engine optimization) terms, The search engine will see the content as duplicate and there for ignore the information so its highly important that you make it as unique as possible.But this text/information is not just for the search engine, This is a way to simply reach the visitors on xtremetop100.If they find a website in the listing that looks intresting they can simply click on the Details link at the rank number in the top list to read about your webpage, the small description in the top list is just not enough sometimes.There039s a few commands you can use to structure up a nice information text which you can below the text box

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