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ImmortalsCo - Rise of Immortals Private Server

An active and up to date American Conquer private server, Professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our PVE/PVP events and the fairest game environment with +7000 active players daily, Available for Windows and Mac OSX

ImmortalsCo - Rise of Immortals Info:
Server Features- An American server, Up-to-date with the latest patch.- 2500-3000 CPs per monster.- Free maxed gears for newbie players.- 8 Awesome characters to choose between includes the Dragon-Warrior.- Epic weapons are all released.- Amazing PVE elements.- Chi system and Sub-classes available.- All Guild interfaces are available.- Refinery system works perfectly.- Max level is 140 with high leveling EXP rate.- So many events everyday.- Hunting and leveling Non-PK zones.- Professional developers and massive community.

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