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ImmortalsCo - Rise of Immortals Private Server

The most popular and active Conquer private server US hosted on multiple tunnels, Epic PVP Raids, Wars/Fights, PVE Quests, Unique/Epic costumes, Free maxed gears, Transmogrification, Frequently updating with the biggest English community out there

ImmortalsCo - Rise of Immortals Info:
U.S hosted MMORPG environment enhanced with multi-locations tunnels to ensures Lag-free , Frequently updated with lots of new features to ensure the best gaming experience, Up to 800 CPs drop per monster and 1200 [B]CPs per monsters, 9 Balanced game characters to choose between includes the new Wind-Walker class, Max level is 140 with high EXPrate and Custom PVE elements such as Tasks/Missions, Newbies Protection system to provide a fair environment for the new players, Free +12 maxed gears amp Free P6 DragonSoul Set for the new players, P7 DragonSoul Shop for Bound CPs available at TwinCity, DivineJade for NemesisTyrant and RedNemesisTyrant on FrozenGrotto6 with P7 Rewards,PurpleBanshee, TeratoDragon and 7 other Bosses are spawning at all the cities, ForzenGrotto with LavaBeasts that drops L5 and L6 Sacred Refinery items, Epic Weapons, Perfection System, Wardrobe, Chi and Sub-classes [No Jiang-Hu], Team Qualifier and Arena Qualifier were developed professionally, Houses, Furniture, Flowers, Guilds Clans interfacesare all properly implemented, A lot of PVP Events/Tournaments includes the ProArena, Professional Support team to answer/solve your cases/inquiries as fast as possible, Professional developers to ensure bugs-free and provide the best possible

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