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Legacy JD Private Server

200x Exp, Increased Drops, Gold, Refinery.Custom Mining,maps,quests,events,party challenges,mounts,gears, and more. Jaden for being online every hour, Sigils every 5 hours, attendance every 24 hours. No Max refinery, +20 is possible. Lvl 200 Cap, 81 Chroma. Come create your own Legacy today

Legacy JD Info:
Legacy JD is High-Rate PVP server. We have 11 classes including Arden, Balo, Rayan, Celan, Forta, and Mages. Chroma, Wonderland Fair, Viles, CHU Han Battleground and much more all activated and working great.Custom quests, mounts, aviation, maps and more all being added weekly. Huge Marketplace for ease of game play. Free Jaden for Voting every 12 hours.Adult, mature active GMs and Game Sages always online to assist you with questions or problems that may arise.We have tons of Challenges posted on our forums that if win will allow you to win large sums of jaden, sigils, super exp scrolls and more.Active forum community with guides for everything being added daily.Adult owner with close to 4 years of full-time experience running Jade Dynasty private servers. Custom Reactor allows you to Download, Register, Change Pass, view forums, get Live Support, Patch game, view last patch notes and more. In future updates will have installer built in as well as the patching system.Client installer hosted on large file hosting site to avoid problems with downloading and speeds of it.
Our classes are:
BALO are a melee class with a wide variety of status effects, including Stun, Paralyze, Silence, and Weaken. Some of these attacks hit multiple targets, afflicting several nearby enemies with these status effects. Balo are able to tank using abilities that force enemies to attack them, and then survive the hits with their high Defense.The Balo also have a number of Posture skills, allowing them to switch from having high attack to high defense at will.Strengths:High defenseMidtoHigh damageA variety of powerful stun, silence, paralyze and weaken effectsSwitch between attack and defense using PosturesWeaknesses:Few ranged skillsTaunt skills have long cooldownsFew Area of Attack skillsArden are the archer class of Jade Dynasty. They attack from long range, while summoning plants and animals to assist them in battle and cause a variety of status effects to their enemies. They are weak at close range, but they have multiple skills that allow them to run faster in order to escape.Strengths:High damageCan attack from farther away than any other factionCause status effectsSummon beasts and plants to assist in battleAbility to run fastEasy to Level upWeaknesses:Low DefenseLow HealthStatus effects easy to resistWeak in melee rangeCelan are the Athan healing faction Jade Dynasty. Armed with the power of music, Celan are masters in the art of Reflective damage. Many Celan skills will have a chance to cast a skill reflective shield for a certain period of time.The Celan also have a mastery of powerful Area of Effect curse and blessing auras, which are perfect for group PvP. Celan also have many Musical Combo skills. These, depending on their rank, have a certain amount of slots on the skill in which to place Notes. Each Note has a different effect, and all can be stacked.Strengths:Excellent as a part of a group.Ability to buff his/her allies.Ability to heal his/her allies.Ability to revive his/her allies.Ability to curse his/her enemies.Ability to attack from range.High Damage at higher levels.Weaknesses:Low defense.Low damage at lower levels.Many useful skills are not learned until late game.Rayan are the assassin class in Jade Dynasty. Dealing high damage per second, they are deadly in one-on-one combat. One of their main weaknesses is their defense and the inability to handle large group PvP.Rayan have a unique set of skills. They have powerful combo and finisher skills, which can mean the end of a duel very quickly. Along with these skills, they have a set of Shadow Clones and Cloaking abilities.Strengths:High damage and critical strike rateHigh HealthExcellent in single-target PvPStealthCan create a shadow cloneWeaknesses:Low DefenseWeak in group PvPFew Ranged abilitiesCreating clones costs a lot of spiritVim is the quottankquot Faction in Jade Dynasty. They have very high Health and Defense, and have skills to help them hold the attention of the enemies around them, protecting their allies from harm. Their damage is not to be ignored, however, as they are excellent at taking down single targets in melee. Many consider this faction to be the excellent in PvP, but Vim is incapable of using many ranged attacks.The Vim have many useful skills that can cripple their opponents. The ability to stun is quite useful in the earlier game periods. Late game periods they have the abillity to mass paralyze large numbers of enemies and bleed/silence them, as well as using attack techniques to defend with, and a single killing shot technique that uses all their spirit. They also have the abillity to reflect damage back on their opponents.Strengths:Immunity ShieldsHigh HealthHigh DefenseHigh Single Target DamageSkills that can force enemies to attack themAbility to mass paralyze and/or bleed multiple enemiesExcellent in Mass combat and PvPWeaknesses:Few ranged attacksFew Area-of-Effect attacksRunning and movement speed slower than other factionsLong recast time on their powerful abillitiesLupin is the main melee damage dealing Faction in Jade Dynasty. They deal high damage with very high critical rates, and are excellent at taking down single targets. Their main weakness is their low defense. They cannot handle group PvP. Lupins can achieve the highest Health in the game. Though some of their skills have high cooldowns, they have techniques to get around that.Many Lupin skills focus on causing short-term Status Effects on the target. Lupins even have skills that can reduce the target039s Resistance to a certain status effect so that they can more easily inflict it on them with a different skill.Strengths:High damage and critical strike rateHigh HealthExcellent in single-target PvPMany attacks cause status effectsMany skills that grant powerful short-term buffs to the casterWeaknesses:Low DefenseLong CooldownsWeak in group PvPNo ranged attacksFew multi-target attacksJadeon[ has very high ranged damage, somewhat like a ranged version of the Lupin, minus the high critical rate. They are very good in groups and have very powerful AoE skills. However, they have relatively low defense, long casting times and are quite vulnerable in close-quarters combat. Jadeon are considered the fastest leveling faction due to their AoE abilities in the later game periods. They retain their usefulness throughout all level ranges.Strengths:High spiritHigh damageAbility to deal damage to many enemies at once (AoE)Ranged attacksFast levelingExcellent in groupsEasy to make moneyWeaknesses:Low defenseLong casting timesWeak in melee rangeSkysong is the healing faction in Jade Dynasty, and they can also buff their allies in a number of ways. This makes them extremely powerful as part of a group. Due to their own buffs, their Defense is among the highest in the game. However, they lack devastating damage at begining, and most of their powerful skills can039t be learned until level 140 or higher, but don039t think skysong is a not a good faction, actually it is when they reach level 140 or higher that they obtain their last and most powerful skill, so that in PvP they can heal and attack, keeping themselves alive until you are beaten.Strengths:Excellent as a part of a groupAbility to buff his/her alliesAbility to heal his/her alliesAbility to revive his/her alliesEasy to make moneyAbility to attack from rangeHigh DefenseHigh Damage at higher levelsHigh Sleep resistanceWeaknesses:Low damageMany useful skills are not learned until late gameModo is the shapeshifting faction in Jade Dynasty. Unpredictable and mystical, they have a vast array of strategic skills and builds to choose from. They can be strong damage-dealers, AoE attackers, and can deal damage both in melee and from range. This makes them an extremely powerful class, but it is not easy to master. Only a smart player with quick reflexes can play a Modo effectively. The Modo gameplay revolves around the three forms a Modo can get:Human Form: Specializes in area-effect attacks that damage many enemies at once. The Tome section that corresponds to the Human Form is Heresy.Demonic Posture: Specializes in melee single-target attacks, with increased Defense. The Tome section that corresponds to the Demonic Posture is Rage.Modon Form: Specializes in ranged single-target attacks with bleed effects, with increased Resistances. The Tome section that corresponds to the Modon Form is Venoma.Which one to choose depends entirely on the player. You can select one of them, two of them, or even all three at once. There is no quotmore powerful formquot, just a more powerful player.Strengths:Very versatileExcellent in end-game gameplayCapable of dealing both melee and ranged damageEffective at PK (Player-Killing)Can deal some nice Area-of-Effect damage (when in Human Form)Can achieve one of the highest health pools in the game (when in Demonic Poster)Can achieve one of the highest spirit pools in the game (when in Modon Form)Weaknesses:Difficult to learnLow Defense when in Human formNeeds to change forms to use different skills

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