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UOWOS.COM - Ultima Online Private Server

10 lvl char for FREE Events every day Unique world Item Shop

UOWOS.COM - Ultima Online Info:
We accept PayPalMany items in shop Mounts, armors, weapons etc.We have events, many events, Capture The Flag - like in other games.Events start time: GMT+2Destroy Old ParadiseStart Time: 16:00Zombie InfectionStart Time: 17:00Capture The FlagStart Time: 18:00FootballStart Time: 19:00Tournament XvsXStart Time: 20:00FastRunStart Time: 20:30Capture The FlagStart Time: 22:00We have classes, Wizard, Knight, ArcherLevels: 0 to 100Skills to 200.0Section with scripts to help you with macros.And morePlay and Have a fun

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