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Toxic Dynasty High Rate, PVP, Custom Private Server

High Rate, PVP server with custom fashions, weapons, mounts and balanced PVP, Refinery stops at +12, Free Jadens for Voting,Daily Events, Affinity Change, Bankers always filled with cheap jadens that you can buy with Gold. Donations Only give Jadens which are free for voting anyways.

Toxic Dynasty High Rate, PVP, Custom Info:
Welcome to Toxic Dynasty. We are a balanced PVP server, a server in which all players are treated equally. At Toxic Dynasty everyone can have fun. We offer a great variaty of Custom Mounts, fashions and other stuff aswell, while still keeping the game balanced, and not exagarate by adding to many useless stuff which just ends up complicating gameplay. We aim to keep it simple, while still offering a great variaty of stuff you can do, this is not a Join and get everything for free server, you have to work a bit for it. (but dont be alarmed, its easy and doesnt take much time) Banker is always filled with cheap Jadens, Most items are in the ItemMall shop itself, and donations just give you jadens, which anyone can get for free for voting, or just trading Gold at the banker ingame.Our main goal is to make this the Best Jade Dynasty Private Server by going with what the player wants.

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