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Allods- The legend Private Server

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Allods- The legend Info:
In the year of 4015 of the Old Era, the Great Cataclysm struck Sarnaut. The planet was shattered and allods, islands from the planet039s remnants, emerged. The allods float in the Astral, the space which surrounds Sarnaut039s remains. Millions perished until the Great Mages discovered a way to sustain life on these allods, ensuring the survival of some civilizations. The cause of the Great Cataclysm remains a mystery despite the Conclave of Great Mages039 attempts to pass the disaster off as the forces of Creation and Destruction striving for equilibrium. With the passing of the Great Cataclysm, Sarnaut moved from the Old Era to the New Era. The Conclave of Great Mages consisted of the wisest and most ancient mages of Sarnaut. Though they are bound to the Rules of the Conclave, they had free access to arcane and esoteric lore available only to the Conclave. In the third millennium of the Old Era, the Great Mage Skrakan led the Council. He apprenticed a number of mages, two of which became his most prodigious pupils: Tensess and Nezeb. 500 years after the first confrontation between Tensess039 Kania and Nezeb039s Xadagan did Skrakan bring the warring Great Mages to heel. Yet, Tensess and Nezeb039s influence grew too large for Skrakan to control, and a schism split the Conclave. From that point onwards, there was no Conclave. There was only the Mages of Kania and the Mages of Xadagan. From the endless war in the eighth century of the New Era, two opposing factions were formed: the League, led by the Kanians, and the Empire, led by the Xadaganians. A remarkable discovery enabled ship-borne exploration of the Astral, heralding the Era of Astral Travel. This new technology spurred the war between Kanian and Xadaganian to new heights, as the countries were now able to siege allods without the assistance of the Great Mages. The secret of Astral protection laid in an iron meteor from the depths of the Astral. Unfortunately for the Imperial Allod of Kirah, it was filled with this meteoric iron.

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