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DMA Shaiya Private Server

EP5 content

DMA Shaiya Info:
Server Details:- EP5 Content and Skills- 2x Exp Rate- MAX level of 70- Increased Gold Drop (Fortune Coins amp 15 more gold, compared to OS)- Custom Enchant Rates (100 on all levels)- Custom Merchants- Free items in Game Shop (Res. Runes, PIDs, Double Warehouse, Sprinter Nos, Skill Reset/Stat Reset)- Increase linking rates (25 compared to OS, some lapises have 100)- OI open (23 hours/day, closed from 4-5 CET for maintenance), party required to enter (min. 2 players)Forums:- Forum registration synced with game account- Game Shop points synced with game account- Full drop list linked with database- Guild Section linked with database- Automatic signature linked with in-game toonsMerchants:- Enchant Item (Lv31-70) Merchant- Lapis Lv1-3 Merchant- Guild Master in Auction House- Teleportation Runes available in Auction House- Etin Seller in Auction House- Helmets/Caps/Mask Merchant in Auction House- Wedding Gear Merchant and Wedding MapCustom Drops/Items:- Goddess Battle maps- Sonic Lv2- Elemental Lv1 (drop on map 2 from mini bosses) / Lv2- Added Lv6/7 lapises- Wedding Map- Rats drop fortune coins/lapisia- Custom Boss/Mob Drops - - Dios: 65 Gear/Ele Lv2s/Regnum Accessory/Lapisia - - Kanos Bosses: Lv65 gear - - Kimu: Ele Lv2s/Sonic Lv2/FC Lv4/Lapis Lv7s - - OI: Regnum Accessories/Flash Rings/Lapis Lv6/7s Mobs drop lapisia, fortune coins, gear (depending on maps), and lapis.Misc:- GRB for a 2 hour window on Saturdays 20-22 CET / 11am-1pm PST

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