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ObsidianCraft: 40+ plugins - 24/7 No Lag!

ObsidianCraft: 40+ plugins - 24/7 No Lag
An awesome 200 slot survival server with over 40 plugins to enhance your experience. Join today to be amazed at the power of ObsidianCrafts community.

ObsidianCraft: 40+ plugins - 24/7 No Lag Information:
What is ObsidianCraftIP Address: mc.obsidiancraftWebsite: ObsidianCraft uses a custom version of Bukkit and supports 400 players. (It is a top of the line 16gb RAM Intel Server)What kind of Economy system does ObsidianCraft useObsidianCraft uses iConomy. We also utilize NPC traders and chest shops. We also have a market straight ahead from the spawn with many blocks and items for sale. Players may find working for other players a good way to make money, as you can /pay people.[br]RulesObsidianCraft has rules in place to keep the server orderly and keep peace with players. Griefing and

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