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Fantasy Luna Plus Private Server

We are one of the few Luna Plus servers. Join our international community and help us provide the best possible user experience. Click the link for more information.

Fantasy Luna Plus Info:
So, what is Fantasy Luna Plus Well, we are a Luna Plus private server running off highly optimized and customized source code. So, kind of a big deal. Rates: x100 EXP x1000 PARTY EXP x10000 QUEST EXP x100 GOLD x1000 PARTY GOLD x10000 QUEST GOLD x100 ITEM x1000 PARTY ITEM x10000 QUEST ITEM x10 GUILD EXP Content: All Bugs Fixed Full Luna Plus Fully Working Castle Sieges Fully Working Guild Tournaments Bonus: 200 Level Cap 50 Rebirth System 7th Tier Jobs 9,999,999 PvE Damage Cap 99,999 PvP Damage Cap Automatic Job Change NPC Class Rebalancing New Cutom Items, Skills, Costumes, and More No PK Penalty Valley of Fairy Overhauled PvE/PvP Same Date Dungeons Tweaked Skills and Formulas Miscellaneous: 24/7/365 Powerful Server Automatic Server/Map Restarter Bilingual, Helpful, and Intelligent Staff + Developers Constant Improvements and Patches Fully Working Antihack + Autoban System Fun Events High Speed Connection

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