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Cole2039s Epic Server Private Server

Sign up at the Forum: you can log on and play at: epic.cole2sworld--Lag Free, 24/7 Uptime, Helpful Leadership, Portal/Warp Travel System, PVP and Monster Arenas, Organized, yet Open Spawn, Free Home Protection

Cole2039s Epic Server Info:
Forum: Epic is the second of the primary servers on the cole2sworld cloud. We have a great city in development under good leadership, and are looking for more players to expand our userbase We do require you sign up on our forums to play on Epic.
--Lag Free: Epic is hosted on the fastest (non-commercial) server you will find anywhere. We have 0 lag, ever--24/7 Uptime: The server is up all day every day. We only take it down if there is some maintenance to take care of, and even then only for a few minutes at most.--Helpful Leadership: I, as well as the other leaders on Epic am glad to help you get started, and progress in building whatever you would like to make.--Portal Travel System: Epic has a network of portals for fast travel around the city, as well as a /warp command for specific locations. --PVP and Monster Arenas: Basic versions of these are already in effect, with plans for expansion in the future. --Organized, yet Open Spawn Area: The Spawn area is organized so that everyone can show off what they build in the city, without being so cluttered that it becomes a mess like many other servers. --Open to Suggestions: We have a thread on the main forums just for you to suggest any improvements you may have. And all good ideas will be heard, if not carried out.--Free Home Protection: Have you been griefed on other servers Don039t worry about that here. We offer free protection for your build area once you sign up on our forums. You will never have to worry about your home being griefed on EpicWe look forward to playing with you all

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