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Minecash Private Server

MineCash 16gb RAM-RAMdisk 24/7 [Dedicated] [Infinite Slot] [PvP] [Large friendly community] [Offline Mode] [/Register] [McMMo] [WorldGuard]

Minecash Info:
MineCash is a minecraft experience unlike any other. We at MineCash are experienced in hosting gaming servers and already run a very popular DotA gaming league called DotaCash. Our main goal in hosting this server is for you the players to do basically as you want we cater to everyones needs. If you are the casual builder a man who just enjoys gathering resources and building houses farms etc we sell protected land plots once you gain the correct amount of currency. We also invite all hardcore PvPer039s into our server we have 100 global pvp in which you may kill where you like when you like without any restrictions. 1. [World Guard] We offer players the ability to purchase an area of land to protect their creations build a town or anything you like really. 2. [Iconomy] We use the Iconomy plugin because we feel it adds a new aspect into the game rather than just cutting lumber and breaking stones this plugin allows you to purchase goods from another player or our shop. Also if you are curious on how to access the shops the command is /Lshop and it will give you a list of commands3. [Mcmmo] We offer our players Mcmmo because it makes the game more RPG oriented and with our past experience simply believe it makes the game a lot more enjoyable and gives you a reason to want to level skills you normally wouldn039t.4. We are currently running tnt nerf. Basically it allows tnt to be used for damage but not to damage any terrain, we try to keep our map nice with minerals for new players to obtain not a wasteland with random craters that make everyone look simply awful.---------------------Rules---------------------------We here at MineCash are very strict with our rules and policies all bans are final and can not be appealed.1.Using X-Ray Transparent texture packs or cave finder (anything that helps you find caves - minerals) will result in a permanent ban.2. Use of fly speed or anything of that nature will be automatically detected and will result in a permanent ban.3.Flaming admins and mod will result in a permanent ban or mute which is probably just as bad, the admins and moderators on this server are staff of the DotaCash gaming league are very respectable don039t abuse power they do not deserve to get flamed for helping the community. 4. Use common sense, we hardly care about age gender race etc but when someone decides its hilarious to spam the chat with cursing racist remarks it could offend other players so please just use your brain-------Extra info---------Note, unregistered players will still be able to PvP PvE build mine etc but will not have commands.Registered players will have access to /spawn and /stats (and all of the mcmmo stat specifics such as /mining /herbalism etc.

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