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Tales of L Private Server

[Hamachi Server ] [ Hamachi ID: Tales of L Room 1 - xx ] [ Password: 123321 ]

Tales of L Info:
Hi Guys this is a NEW server its pretty cool Based on Futurama and Avacado server COMBINED So what are you waiting for Join Now YEAH Features: Custom Maps for Farming Lvl. 400 Max Level. Max Stats 300. Max Pet Level 100. Lv. 1-9 Gem Giver (just like Avacado). Max Effectiveness 120 New Custom Leveling maze w/ Lv5 Bags. Fast Leveling. [8x Lv5 Bag Lv 400] Free Money. (Job Advancer gives 1b) 15 Kals for 1 Death Gems (+10). 10 Kals for 1 Life Gems (+3) for Neck and Rings only. w/ Death Gem of ASPD, PR, ATK (50 Kals each) [ Can be forge in Hats. ] Full Buffs NPC Circle of Death Death Match Nice and Cool Glows. Argent Monsters DROP 5 Kals. Death Gem (+10) Ex. amp Com. Life Gem (+3) Ex. amp Com. [ Can be forge in Neck amp Rings. ] Upgrade Stone Exchanger. 3rd Rebirth Working. Future Chest Exchanger. DM Coins Exchanger. Stackable Strengthening Items. DW is Back. (5 kals each mob) Argent Outskirt is now PK Zone. Anti-DUPE system. Anti-BOT system. Anti-AFK-Farming System. New Custom Tickets. (Teleports you to the new custom Maps) and MORE New Features: Ryuk Set-ak-ash4/224261_220814864599679_100000135025397_987960_5444014_n.jpgEPIC Ryuk Set-ak-snc6/218021_220814887933010_100000135025397_987961_3728252_n.jpg 3rd Gen Pet-ak-snc6/223501_220814761266356_100000135025397_987958_7943304_n.jpg Effect and Aura Wings-ak-snc6/217785_220814847933014_100000135025397_987959_3760288_n.jpgquotActive amp Friendly GM/Adminquot--Website----Patch Link----Hamachi Nets--Tales of L - Room 1 - xxPass:123--Change IP--First Row: WelcomeSecond Row: Tales of LThird Row: this OUT for more info

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