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Ruin SMP!

Ruin SMP
Ruin Creative is an active, fun, friendly, creative freebuild Minecraft server. We have a diverse range of awesome creations by our userbase and welcome all newcomers. We are currently running Bukkit with a diverse range of plugins. So join us today at

Ruin SMP Information:
Ruin SMP, part of the RuinCommunity Gaming Network, is an active, fun, creative, freebuild server. Running for nearly a year, our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to help you out in any situation. Our massive 2.8gb world features many awesome creations by our userbase, and we welcome all newcomers, without the need for whitelisting. Simply read the rules on first login, say the promotion passphrase, and you are free to explore and build. Featuring several worlds, including a nether, and floating sky region, our server is sure to impress all who visit. Griefer protection is available on request to all users, using plugins such as WorldGuard and LWC to ensure your buildings are protected. In addition, our BigBrother logging system ensures all griefs can be quickly and painlessly rolled back. Our dedicated server, with 8GB of memory and a lightning-fast Velociraptor drive offers optimum performance, located in Central US for a global low-latency connection. Feel free to come join us on the RuinCommunity IRC network, irc.ruincommunity, check out our website, , or even join us ingame, at smp.ruincommunity (default port).

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