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Kisakata Legend of Mir 3 Private Server

Custom mid-rates high spawns new refine and upgrade systems new areas and mobs friendly staff a lot of new features really funny server

Kisakata Legend of Mir 3 Info:
[colorfb8a00]Leveling, gold, respawn and drops:[/color]Leveling is easy, but not too hard (100 mid rate), I can tell you the rates exactly because I modified the exp needed on each lvl to lvl up, and the exp gained everytime you kill a mob, I worked a lot on this, and I tested everything, and I can writte 100 sure this: you won039t get lvl 200 in 1 month, but you will get a nice everytime you kill a mob, even if you are lvl 200, I made this because I want a funny server, and not a ultra-high rate server, you will have really fun :)Gold is normal to get, not too hard and not too easy.Respawn is good enough to lvl without problems, and to get nice exp too, I added 3 times more mobs than usual, modifying the respawn files manually, so there039s not any bug about respawns, bosses will be respawned every 3 hours.Drops are hard to explain, because some sets are pretty easy to get but higher lvl sets are hard to get, but as I tested it, you won039t get any problems to get your full set.[colorfb8a00]New upgrade system:[/color]Sometimes the exp isn039t higher enough to refine a weapon constantly, so... I added a new upgrade system, you can use the Black Iron Ores as usual to refine a weapon, but you can get a random refine between +1 and +7.Upgrade Orbs have a 50 chance to upgrade +1 any item you haveUpgrade Gems has a 100 chance to upgrade +1 any item you haveThere are some special rings called DCRing(x), MCRing(x) and SCRing(x), you can upgrade that items, the base stats are:DCRing(x)--gt 0-3 dcMCRing(x)--gt 0-3 mcSCRing(x)--gt 0-3 scYou can upgrade this items on a npc when you want, you can upgrade them 5 times every time it will get the double of the stats, for exemple--gt 0-3, 0-6, 0-12, 0-24 and 0-48This rings have the better stats, the other rings don039t have higher stats than 9-22, but everytime you upgrade them, you039ll have a chance to lost the ring, get the same ring, or get the upgraded ring.[colorfb8a00]Item sets:[/color]Atm i have created this sets:-Until lvl 40 there are the usual sets.-lvl 42 set.-lvl 44 set.-lvl 47 set.-lvl 50 set.-lvl 53 set.-lvl 56 set and you will need 50 FP to wear this set.-lvl 60 set and you will need 100 FP to wear this set.-lvl 63 set and you will need 200 FP to wear this set.-lvl 66 set and you will need 300 FP to wear this set.-lvl 70 set and you will need 500 FP to wear this set.-lvl 75 set and you will need 750 FP to wear this set.-lvl 77 set and you will need 1,000 FP to wear this set.-lvl 81 set and you will need 1,500 FP to wear this set.I will add more sets every week :)[colorfb8a00]Rebirths:[/color]1st rebirth: lvl 53 and 200 FP2nd rebirth: lvl 62 and 500 FP3rd rebirth: lvl 70 and 1,200 FP4th rebirth: lvl 85 and 2,300 FP5th rebirth: lvl 91 and 4,000 FP6th rebirth: lvl 100 and 5,300 FP7th rebirth: lvl 120 and 7,500 FP (or 18,500 integrals)8th rebirth: lvl 200 and 15,000 FP (or 35,000 integrals)(Rebirths are expensive because, as you know, every time you get a rebirth, you get 2x exp too, also I add 5 higher chance to get drops with each rebirth)[colorfb8a00]Integrals and Fame points:[/color]Integrals have a lot of uses, you can purchase items, protect your items, but special items, buy special potions, special drugs, houses, etc..., Fame Points are only used to wear some sets and to get the rebirths.Integrals and Fame Points can be dropped for the mobs, but you can purchase for them at our [url-shop.html]donations section[/url] (with only 1 you can get enough FP to get some items that will help you a lot)[colorfb8a00]Bosses/hunting areas:[/color]There are some areas only to get nice items, and to hunt bosses, you won039t be able to solo the bosses or hunt mobs, but if you go in a group with 2-3 players, you will be able to kill them, there are bosses and hunting areas for every lvls, so don039t worry.[colorfb8a00]Leveling areas:[/color]Lvling areas are tested, re-tested and return to be tested, the lvling mobs give nice exp, and at the end of every lvling areas (last floor or kr), there039s a boss and 2-3 semi-bosses who039ll give nice too.[colorfb8a00]Guild sysmte:[/color]Guilds will get a guild bank, also everytime they win a clan war, or they get a city, the clans will get clan points, if you own a city, every day you039ll get some clan points, this clan points will allow you to purchase a palace only for your guild, houses for your members, special items and potions, etc... Im working on the clan points system, so I039ll add everyday and everytime manually the clan points, don039t worry, you won039t lose them :D

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