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Grand Chase - Season3 Private Server

Rates are 100x,20x,50x EXP,GP,ITEM . We are stable friendly GMs (Provided you downloaded and registered for the game with your IGN.) We are currently season 3

Grand Chase - Season3 Info:
The game is free-to-play, where players need to earn currency known as Game Points (GP) from completing dungeon quests, individual missions, or defeating other players to buy better equipments or items, but there are some items that can only be purchased with real-world currency. In Grand Chase, players start off role-playing as one of three main heroines (or Seighart on the Korean server), and will be able to unlock more playable characters by completing specific missions. However, the player may freely switch among the characters he or she has unlocked before entering combat, each with their own specific equipment, skills and experience levelAfter each expedition into a dungeon, characters gain experience points. While the amount of experience gained is partially dependent on the player039s performance in a dungeon, and the player039s character039s level, every player will gain some experience. The player039s character is also given additional experience upon the completion of every mission. When sufficient experience is obtained, the player039s character will advance by one level. Higher levels improve statistics and grant access to better equipment. Experience can also be gained through player versus player, and the amount of experience gained through this game mode is significantly higher than the amount awarded through the completion of dungeons at higher levelWhen entering a dungeon, it is advisable to form a group of players, also known as a party, to complete it. When choosing a dungeon to play, the player is given the option to create a party of his or her own or join one created by another player. The creator of the game, known as the host, can regulate whoever joins his or her party by locking the game with a password, or otherwise leave it unprotected, allowing any user to join. He or she is also given the option to kick any player prior to or after the completion of a dungeon.Certain items found in dungeons, such as weapons, armor and special missions, are assigned directly to the player. Other items, either refining tools or special accessories, can either be distributed randomly to the party or picked up on a first come, first serve basis the host of the room can decide the method used. To encourage group play, there is a slight experience boost when working together. Because each party has a maximum limit of four players, and each player may freely choose whichever character he or she wants to use, there is a chance that two or more players will control the same playable character. However, they can be identified separately through their screen name

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