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Ragnarok2 - Legend2 Private Server


Ragnarok2 - Legend2 Info:
At the very beginning of Rune-Midgard, evil giants called the Colossus reigned over the planet with an iron fist. Humans revered and despised them because of their cruelty as masters. Only one race was courageous enough to stand against the Colossus - the Dimago. Born between the unthinkable union of Colossus and Human, the Dimago was also hated by Midgard. However, it was their sacrifice that made it possible for the Humans to eventually take control of Midgard once again. After the Colossus fell, the Dimago mysteriously vanished. Rumors spread around that they were all slumbering in an ancient and secret castle called the quotCradlequot. The story of the RO2 Mobile game begins when a Dimago named Rafka and his quotegoquot suddenly wakes up from centuries of sleep.Rafka starts to explore Rune Midgard once again as a lonely wanderer. His powers slowly awaken as well as times go by. His quotegoquot is always with him - something like an inner voice which has a different personality all together. If you guys watch Bleach, think of it like Ichigo039s inner hollow. When Rafka039s anger reaches a limit, he unites with his ego and transforms into his true form - the Dimago-VereinThat039s the point where the story of Ragnarok 2 also begins. The Dimago are slowly starting to awaken, and the Normans (Humans) have started to interact once again with the elf-like Ellr. I foresee that the main plot of RO2 has something to do with the Colossus that reigned over Midgard.

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