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After scanning it for a bit, I managed to find my home as well as other landmarks. Campsite Beta right outside Devil039s Maw Falls, Gravel Pit, the Icy Igloo Cabin. But one thing caught my eye especially: a huge group of red tiles to the south of my home. From the size and color of the mass, I deduced that it was a mountain covered in lava five times larger then my home039s property lines. I had to see this mountain for myself. Lava normally only appears deep underground. But this could be a volcano in the middle of this ice age of a world. A world so cold that almost all surface water freezes solid. I packed my essentials and made my way through the whited out land towards Death Mountain. I started heading due south and hit this alcove. Dubbing it Spring Cave Garden, I made a home near the natural spring to later explore the caves for a dungeon indicated on my map.

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