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Shaiya - Origin Private Server

[FREE private server] [CUSTOM (mid) RATE 99.9 uptime] [lag free] [Full Custom drops] [PVP Lv70] [no Noss/Lapisia] [Exp Stone/Increase gold/45 ELE weapon at start] [Max level : 70] Growing Community

Shaiya - Origin Info:
In a time before time, when the world was only in darkness, a Goddess came from another dimension named Etaine, with a mission to create the world of Shaiya in harmony and prosperity. In 333 days, through her will, strength, and a desire for a perfect world, she created the vast and rich land called Teos Epeiros. She initially created one large ocean that she immersed herself in to create all the continents out of her flesh. Mountains were made high and rivers ran deep throughout the land in likeness of the veins that ran within her body. She created green forests and plains that engulfed the lands in the likeness of her youthful complexion. The sky and stars inherited their exquisiteness from the likeness of her eyes.All lives began from the hands of the Goddess of Etaine. At first, she created the Dragon Gods: Thelaiosis, to help her rule the kingdom of Teos Epeiros. Threemans, one of the Thelaiosisians had suggested to the Goddess that creating two more races, the Nordein and the Dumianas, would dramatically help aid the progression of prosperity in Teos. Soon after, with the help of Threemas, the Nordein and Dumianas were created. The Nordein, were unfortunately born with deformities and unflattering features that made the Goddess deem them failures. She cast them back into the soil to be forgotten. Learning from the previous mistake of creating a race without a vision, the Dumianas were made in likeness of the Goddess with the Thelaiosisian039s loyalty and virtue. All lived and prospered in harmony and worshipped the Goddess.In time, the Dumianas developed strength. The Goddess gave them the gift of intelligence and knowledge, not knowing that such blessings would eventually foster ambitions, doubts, and growing disrespect and denial of her authority. The Dumianas eventually rebelled and started a war that lasted for 7 years.

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