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EpicJade [Divine Expansion] Private Server

Server Ran By Linux experts.We decided to Run the server for Fun,and once u login feel free to use the +20 CUSTOM Equip waiting in you BAG.No More pay to win.We are the True FIRST FREE server.Daily challenges and Events.The Staff.

EpicJade [Divine Expansion] Info:
ade Dynasty is an MMO developed by the people who brought about the ever-popular Perfect World Online. The game is in some ways the same as its predecessor, but also has its own unique functions and game play. You start the game of by choosing to join one of the two factions that are offered which are human and Athen. The Athen faction consists of two different classes the Balo and Arden. The Balo are enormous muscle bound humans, and the Arden are humans with the characteristics of animals in their appearance. As for the human faction, the only race to choose from is just that of a normal human. The game has wonderful/beautiful graphics very similar to what is displayed in Perfect World.After choosing and creating your character, you are then thrown into the Jade Dynasty world. When entering your start point the game offers a helpful tutorial that introduces the basic movements and info pertaining to your character. The game also offers starting players a treasure box to first open with advance items for your character the box is able to be opened once within every 5 levels. Your character also has spells available to them that enable you to relocate yourself to the nearest town/realm (1 hour cool down) which is helpful due to the huge world of the game. One unique feature the game contains is its autoroute feature this feature allows the character to automatically walk to a designated quest giver, or certain monster you may need to kill instead of aimlessly wondering around trying to find them. The character leveling system is in the form of a skill tree that allows you to have one point with each level, the system automatically updates your players str, dex, etc

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