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EpicJD-v2 Private Server

Enought is Enought .Medium exp and all quests available,.Start your career with usHuge item Mall and Free Jaden,What are you waiting for40k Fans already,50k jaden For the first 200 to register

EpicJD-v2 Info:
Jade Dynasty is an English localization of a popular Chinese MMORPG called Zhu Xian. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring a martial arts theme, classless leveling system, and a robust item mall. The story of the game starts the players out as a simple paladin seeking the secrets of immortality and gameplay is unique to each player, as decisions affect the world around them.I039m certainly not the first to grind in Moontop Hollow. Not at all. But, for those of you who are nearing level 120 Asc and planning on grinding in 120 Asc caves, I thought I039d give you a bit of my own advice as to where to grind during these levels.You039ll notice that Ascension Caves are cool and all, but once you reach the 120 caves it gets much harder. With a +6 Body amp Weapon, I really feel like I039m borderline on making profit there. In 24 hours of an Asc cave cave grinding, I039ll make a small amount of gold but that does not include the price of pots, pet batteries, and... Ya, I think that039s it... LOL. I have to sell all of my Affinity Beads amp Dragonsoul Charms to help make a miniature net profit there It doesn039t sound worth it to me. Plus, if you lose connection here the chances of you getting killed amp losing EXP are big

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