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Olympus Gaming: The Community of YOU Private Server

Friendly Community and Staff

Olympus Gaming: The Community of YOU Info:
Olympus is a friendly community of minecrafters, dedicated to providing you a free, and fun Minecraft experience. Our staff works hard each day in order to guarantee these promises, and ensure server stability.Our server is (very) light role-play, and is based around a world of city-states, kingdoms, and other organizations. There are wars, alliances, and even trading. This environment allows for great role-play scenarios, and awesome battles. For more information, you can check out our forums at registering on our forums, and participating within our community (e.g. Olympus Minecraft, Website, Forums, etc.), you agree to abide by all current and future rules (which you can find in the Information section). You will be subject to punishment if found to be in violation of our terms. Punishment varies between severity of violation, and can be interpreted by our administration staff. Following our terms will insure a fun and friendly atmosphere, and make our community even greater.

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