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Shaiya Inphinity!

Shaiya Inphinity
Custom Gear,35x exp,no noss,gold/drops x7,fortune bags lv1-5,DP merchant,CS/OI/SC open 24/7, custom drops,sonic/flash lv2,,active staff, Ep4.5,High Rate coming soon, Public Ventrilo server, no rain, LVL 63 cap,FREE toon res

Shaiya Inphinity Information:
Shaiya Inphinity is a excellent mid-rate server designed by players, for players. We have a very active staff with GM039s and GS039s on everyday to help you with anything you need. -free character res-bootleg merchant sells DP items-sonic and flash lvl 1 and 2 drop from bosses-Fortune Bags lvl 1-5 drop-35x exp rate, 7x gold drop-enchant rate modified-Lvl 7 lapis drop from OI/CT-OI/SC open 24 hrs a day-Unique items made by us and ONLY available here-short maitenence times-Ep 4.5 with ep4 skills, we will never go ep5, it is junk,though we plan on including the armors and raising the level cap-contis,linking hammers drop in game-Respectful and helpful community-T-3 internet line running a stable serverShaiya Inphinity was designed with the intention to create a Shaiya experience unparalleled by any other, to be the last stop on the long journey to find a server that is truly excellent. Come check us out, you won039t be disappointed, come get in the fight todayJust click the installer button to start the download, then follow the simple install prompts, and click your desktop icon to launch the game[GM]Fenix [GM]InphinityGame Master,Co-Developer Game Master,Co-Developer

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