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Shaiya Ultimatum!

Shaiya Ultimatum
EXP Rate 60x, Gold Rate 10x, Custom Drops, Custom NPCs, Custom Modes with 11/14 stat points, No Nos, No Enchantments, Classic EP4 Client. We are a growing server, come join

Shaiya Ultimatum Information:
Here is a little information about the server :-EXP Rate : 40x-Gold Rate : 5x-No Nostrums, or Enchantments.-Modified modes (UM 14stat/7skill points, HM 11stat/6skill points, NM and EM 8stat/4skill points).-Fortune Bags drop throughtout the world.-NPC DP merchant in bootleggery.-NPC Helmet merchant in bootleggery.-Oblivion Island is open 3 hours a day, at alternating times(Monday 12PM, Tuesday 12AM, Wedsnesday 12PM, Thursday 12AM, Friday 12PM, Saturday 12AM, Sunday Closed). Oblivion Island drops Level 7 lapis, Best accessories(heroic), Sonic/Flash/Horizon Level 2, and Oblivion Flash Ring.-Stigma/Aurizen Ruin bosses drop Level 6 lapis, mini bosses drop Legendary Items.(Central Time)-DD2 Bosses drop Level 55-58 Armors, and Helmet Lapis.-Jungle Bosses drop Sonic/Flash/Horizon Level 1, Level 55-58 Armors, and Level 56 Ele Weapons.-D2 Level 1 drops Level 4 lapis, D2 Level 2 drops Level 5 lapis, and mini drop Level 6 Lapis.-D1 Drops Level 4 Lapis.-Accessory Lapis droprate has been increased.-Nightmares in Cloron/FL drop Legendary Items.-Asmo/Knight drops 20-30 Legend Items.-Potions/Lapis are stackable to 255.-GRB is every Sunday at 4PM(Central Time).I039m sure i039m probably forgetting a few things, but that covers most of it :D

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