Time till toplist reset: 3 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, 14 minutes from now


New Server EP4.9 / EXP rate: 75x (100x on weekends) / New gears / New maps / NO NOSS / FREE / NO Donations

SufniShaiya Information:
Server version: v4.9Server time: GMT+1First you need to register on the site to be able to register to the game Short description: Experience Rate: 75x (100x on weekends) Gold Drop Rates: increased Lapis Drop Rates: increased Lapisia link : slightly increased NO Noss NO Donation Everybody is equal with same chances Drops: AP items (Recration Runes, Lapisias) Legendary items Goddess items All level Goddes have the same stat and orange stat as lvl50 (for example Goddess sylma and Mithrill have Adamas stat), so you have choice which looks fit for you best 2 new 55+ Sufni Goddess sets (for examle, Jewel and Bluemetal) Old 55-58 sets are Goddess, too (Daynorth, etc) NEW lvl70 sets from korean server made for lvl60 All sets have their Goddess helmets Goddess Capes Sonic, Flash, Helmet, Elemental lvl1+lvl2 lapises Legendary accessories Military Caps, Bunny Hats, etc New mounts Maps: Oblivion Insula open non-stop Sky City working Caelum Sacra working WorldCup Arena for fast PvP New lvl60 pvp map: Minas Tirith vs Minas Morgul (Proelium Frontier lvl60 version) EP5 maps open for leveling New dungions could be available if you want Free items from Item Mall: 30 days Continues Res Rune Large Prevent Item Drop Large Prevent Equipped Item Drop Red Phonix Charm Large Eternal Endurance Ressurection Runes Lucky Charm Operator039s Exclusive Large Extraction Hammer Capes Movement Runes Party Member Summon Runes Teleportation Stones Capital Recall Runes Bootlegery Recall Runes Arena recall Runes Removed Items: Debuff lapis Max lapis Name Change Scroll Message to Server

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