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LunaFoEva Private Server

This is a Site to play luna for all people around the world to enjoy luna with its best things

LunaFoEva Info:
I want to creat this website/Server, so many people could enjoy/Practice For luna on the Original server (Gpotatoe) That means that u will have FULL potential while playing Luna, You will have the ability to Level UP 10x FASTER, So next time you log into Gpotatoe You will have experiences to what you are going to face on the next arena/quotLANDquot.Hacking will cause Permanent Suspension, Rules should be Obeyed And I hope Many of the people play my server.Potions, Scrolls, Stones And Raw material will be available to The merchant seller.Date Dungeon will have 15/15 times quotSome extra lands will be added (Costume Lands),Gold amp Items Dropping will increase just to help you to know which monster drop quotthat Specificquot Item.

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