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Shaiya Purity!

Shaiya Purity
Purity : Ultimatum has moved to EP5. 20X Exp, 15X Gold, 3X Drops. AP Merchant. [10] Enchants. Stable server, polite staff, and a great community. Feel free to join us.

Shaiya Purity Information:
Shaiya Purity is brought to you by 9th Circle Gaming. We are not in this for the money. We are not in this for the attention. We are players, just like you.We have a 24/7 staff that is very responsive. The player base is polite, courteous, and very attentive. We offer items for donations via the item mall, however, we also have a merchant selling these items as well for in game currency.Normal mode capes are regular drops on select maps. We feature a 50X Exp rate. This allows for steady levels as well as extended game play. We are not all about the fast lane to 60, nor are we strictly PvP oriented. We are for the game, and all aspects of it.Our server is hosted on a very stable, fast, and secure dedicated server.What are you waiting for Come sign up today-GM Syn, and the Purity Staff

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