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Dekaron Assault Private Server

2500x server. A7 skills. 15 stats a level, 250 level cap, Wings in shop at Sonia. 145 and 200 weps. Tower map. 230 weps are coming. Daily events. Always a dedicated staff on at all times. We are the most custom server, and you will love uslt3:D

Dekaron Assault Info:
This is the best server you will play on..so many cool events that no other servers do, no corrupt or unfair staff..matter of fact.. the staff is great..they039re fun,adventurous, and creative..a good exp rate so its not TOO fast but also not TOO slow..its perfect..exp statues and treasure chests spawn in braiken..wings in shop so you don039t have to do the dumb long quests..full working action 7..custom armor and weapons..great and friendly community..24/7 uptime..working dead front..egutt base and tower maps..finish crespo dungeon once and you can exchange obsidian for 30 more..same with crevice dungeon..in my opinion and many other people this is the best dekaron private server out there..so come and join our assault..there will be blood

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