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Abnormal-Dekaron ACTION9 (Truely FREE) Private Server

ACTION 9, ALOKEN, PETS START AT LV102 WELCOME GIFTS(Wings,weapon+9,L3-set+9) MAILBOX +9 lv130 SETS, 180 +9 SETS IN DSHOP, unique endgame quest, unique home-map CLASS CHANGE UNLIMITED FREE COINS non-profit/non-commercial click details for more info

Abnormal-Dekaron ACTION9 (Truely FREE) Info:
[colorFF0000]ACTION 9 - LIVE NOW[/color]
[color00FF00]The only real non-commercial server[/color]
We recently launched a complete new version of Abnormal-Dekaron (A9)And also launched our new website and forums Come take a look[colorFF0000]Abnormal Dekaron - Why play normal[/color]- Action 9 - Aloken - Pet039s for all classes- new and customized maps, items, costumes, weps, armors, wings and mounts- New client live now new home-map (loa/braiken no longer towns)- Uniquely modded maps/monsters- Completely renewed hometown/startlocation fully modded incl NPC039s- braiken is gone we sold it to the World of Warcraft -)- Unique endgamequest to finish your character and get a small boost + L tag + unique wings- Legendary quest enables players to change class- Direct teleports to Tower dungeon and fishing island- Open-file-based client Yes you can still mod the client- start at lv102 for all chars (statpoints unused)- start with 500m DILL in inv- A +9 lvl 85 weapon for your class is autosent in mailbox to help u get started- lv102 wings are autosent to new characters mailbox- A free FULL +9 L3 set is given to all new characters in mailbox- unstuck your own character using our webbased controlpanel- Reborn your own character using our webbased controlpanel- Tower map, deadfront and castlesiege all work- Send your character level 130 +9 items in mailbox from controlpanel- unlimited free DK-coins - refilled every 5 minutes- A Level 180 +9 set039s in FREE D-shop - A Top-of-line Resistance and Attack Gems in FREE D-shop - after 5 reborn u get access to a custom endgame quest to finish your character- finishing engame quest gives character a tag + custom wings and items- alot of changed maps/monsters- nearly all NPC dialogs rewritten- NPC039s for Darkeye quest in Parca so u dont get PK

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