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Resident 2Moons A3 UNLIMITED COINS Private Server

Resident 2Moons Classic A3UnlimiteD CoinSAction12 Armors/Weapons With All A6 StatsSiege BattleDeaD Front750x EXP200 Lv.CapL2/L3/L4/L5Every 4 Hour DF Feel The Experience Of Classic 2Moons

Resident 2Moons A3 UNLIMITED COINS Info:
FUME Dekaron Action7 RebirthAction7 Armors/Skills/WingsVote For Coins(100)1000x EXP 250 Lv.Cap+145/+170 Weapons All ArmorsNew MapsTower MapsEvents held every week and monthCastle Siege130 SetsPvp SetsPremium SetsAction7 SetsSpecial Helmets(Battle Helmet Pvp Helmet ETC)L3/L4/L5/L6(NEW)145 Weapons180 Weapons(Coming 230 Weapon)Unlimited Fun, With 200 Shield At Wings.Fast Shield Healing in HeiharpNPC Shop At Heiharp PKZONESiege War With Awesome RewardCheribum With up to +7 Action7 Drops More And More In GameThe True Server.,.Dont Kill Your Time With Wrong Server

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