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Pandora Mu Season 15!

Pandora Mu Season 15
x500 EXP / x50 ML EXP with custom scaling / Medium drop rates / Keep Stats / PvP + Non-PvP / Max connected 3 accounts/computer / Increased EXP in party / Castle Siege every Sunday at 3 PM UTC / You will not find wings/crafted/mastery or 6 opt items in our shop / No skins / No offlevel / Long-term Db

Pandora Mu Season 15 Information:
Version: Season 15 Part 1-3, no skins and no custom items/maps/eventsRegular EXP: x500Master EXP: x15 with custom scalingDrops: 30Max. level: 1200 [400 regular + 800 master]Max. stats: 32767Max. resets: 100Reset type: keep allPvP and Non-PvP channels.Max. connected 3 accounts/computer.Bigger EXP while in a party.No PK clear.Castle Siege every week.No wings, no crafted mastery items, and no 6-option items in shops.For more information please check:Thanks for your time and interest, and we hope to see you in-game

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