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L2Relapse Gracia Final 300x Private Server

New high rate PvP server (350x). Launched Open Beta the 1st october 2009. L2R is using a custom PvP engine, balanced for high rate combat. Join us now

L2Relapse Gracia Final 300x Info:
Server Features. General - Rates Rates: 350x/350x/1000xEnchant Rates: 65/70Enchant limmits: Weapons +20/ Armors/Jewels +16Currency: Golden Apiga, Adena, Glittering Medals.Base Town: GiranRotating Towns/Farming Zones: Secret Buff duration: 3 hours (There are exceptions).Private Shops: Working with Golden Apiga.Clan halls: Working with Golden Apiga.Attribute system: Custom, balanced. Farming System Our farming system consists of two main areas. The first one, the leveling zone is working like an assembly line. You start from 20 level, and each room you progress you increase your level by killing monsters. Every room has the necessary NPC for you to change your class and to gear up for the next level. Dying inside the leveling zone, will have you respawned again inside it, till you reach level 76. After level 76 you can move to our main zone. The farming zone. The farming zone is used to get all the necessary gear you will need to be efficient in combat. It consists of two kind of mobs, the solo mobs ( the vampires ) which are of medium difficulty and the party mobs, which are know for their ability to wipe out complete parties. The drops are the following: Vampire mobs:Adena, Golden Apiga, CP pots, Attribute stones ( Low Chance ). Party mobs:Adena, Golden Apiga,Attribute stones, Life stones, Forgotten Scrolls, Unique jewels ( Very Very low Chance.), Blessed enchant scrolls ( Low Chance ) Although the solo mobs are of medium difficulty the Party mobs are really really strong. Both in power and in skills ability. It will need a technical approach and a good party to take them down, but the loot is astonishing. The farming zone does not have a static place. It changes automatically every week. That gives you new areas to explore, and new pvp tactics based on new terrain. The same happens with the town connected to each farming zone. You can access both via the Gatekeeper under the names Weekly Town and Farming Zone. The market and the GM shop are connected closelly with the Farming Area. The trades and private shops are working with Golden Apiga. In the GM shop you can get Vesper/Dinasty/Icarus and normal enchantment scrolls with Golden Apiga. You can also get talismans and the other common things that are used in high rate servers. Combat System Our combat consists of three innovactions. Its MP system, the symetrical implementation and the class tuning. Our MP system follows the basic ideal of the high rate server. If rates are high, Mp regeneration must get high too. Our MP system allows players to regenerate MP faster than the normal rate. Also people that make good use of their MP and dont consume it too much, they get rewarded with extra regeneration, while those who will reach low MP levels ( almost empty ) will suffer penalties. That way good players get a nice benefit. With our Mp system, old forgotten skills like mana burn , mana recharge and many others get back in the game, increasing the tactical aspects of combat. The Symetrical Implementation is a way to fix things without causing unbalance. Its based on the idea of duality. Each action must have a counter action. If you can increase your damage, the enemy must be able to increase his defense too. In the symetrical implementation things work this way. So there can be no complain that someone did unbalance his class, cause if he did a change, you can find a counter change to counter his new ability. Also to improve this system we capped the debuffs landing rate. Minimum debuff landing for main skills is 5 and maximum is 85. The class Balance. We tried our best to make every single class playable in the game. We increased the landing rate of some ... once upon a time quotUselessquot skills, we tuned some others and we increased the summons powers. We hope that with your valuable information based on your combat experience we can make that pvp system even beter, to never again see a server with daggers and archers only. For those tactical players, a detailed description of every class can be found at the end of this page. Sieges-Events Currently the sieges work the same old way with the exception that we removed the guards who are one of the lag factors ( not the major one ). A clan that gets a fortress, a castle or a clan hall will have it quotdecoratedquot with our NPCs, gatekeeper, buffer, GM Shop etc ... The TvT event will allow players to get Glittering Medals, an item that can be traded in the GM shop for quest items, for hats and agathions. The TvT event is done based on the servers PVP setup. Which means it has buffers allowed. Hero System Assuming you are cool enough to win in the olympiad, your effor will be rewarded. Heroes will have their hero weapons enchanted, while on the same time , they will be rewarded with a protector. The protector is a big unique summon exclusive for heroes. The Olympiad games have an enchant limmit, so as all players have almost the same changes to get hero status according to their ability.

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