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Senlyn Private Server


Senlyn Info:
Main server objective is fair gameplay and content for the levels we allow. This without finishing the game within 3 days, but not taking over a year to finish.To achieve this we modified game much more than other private servers usually do. Here is detail and reasoning behind some of those changes.Leveling Scheme modifiedRather than just put extremely high rates and level, we decided to modify the experience needed per level first. This allowed us to remove the huge quotxp wallquot you face on official when hitting levels 70-80. But the main advantage is we don039t need to put high experience rate to have a good leveling speed and this mean quests keep an interesting role in the process: doing a daily quest on LostPW will award 80 or more of a level.Additionally we decided to limit level to 105, because Perfect World does not offer content passed this. So rather than having a content-less game at level 150 or more, we aim to add more and more exciting things for our max level.Fair gameplayWe would like everyone to enjoy the game at its max. We try to make the base equipment easy to get for everyone, special look and effects will be available, but they will only improve the display of your character and not its stats.On the same spirit we will not give unfair or more powerfull items for donations, once at 105 everyone has same chances in pvp, donator or not.Ease of accessSome items are just insanely long and annoying to get on official, or even some private, servers. We made those items available in some easier way, so you don039t need to grind the same monster again and again for this single piece. Here are some example: All books for holy/ skills can be crafted with dragon quest. Holy Hall/Twilight Temple gold items are available for craft using green ones. Molders are available for craft using dragon quest items. Signet039s reputation award along with FB039s has been significantly increased. Dragon quest items can be made by quotDragon Pearlquot which drops in rancor and invasion events. General drop rate increase by 2, this mean an item with a normal 20 chance to drop has a 40 chance on LostPW.Smart use of Cash ShopWhile lot of private server leave the cash shop as it is on official and make quotcubi-refillquot, we found it to be bothersome for players. So we moved most items to in-game NPCs, this way you can buy them with in-game gold without further change or wait. The cash shop is used for what it was originally designed: donation.Where to find items: Aviation Master: flights Mount Trainer: mounts Black Market Merchant: materials Master of Synthesis: soulstones and dragon orbs Merchandizer: hieros, restat, doll, teleport, transfigure, extension stones Fashion NPCs (at dragon city west): fashions Lady of Sew: dyes Firework Master: fireworks Pet Administrator: pet cage, food scroll Golden Flower Granny: rare pet skills, legendary petsDetailsSee the aswell as subsequent

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